Protex Classic Plus Fin

An ultra thin condom for increased sensations!

Available in boxes of
10 condoms

With its ultra thinness, the Classic Plus Fine condom offers better sensations, but also softness and flexibility for subtle relationships.

Thin condom made of high-quality natural latex
Lubricated with reservoir
Length 190 mm ± 10 mm, Width 52 mm ± 2 mm, Thickness 49 microns ± 10 microns

Customers’ opinion

The best condom I have tried so far you can feel the sensations and it’s easy to put on I recommend.
Le Roi de la Capote


The perception was pleasant for us. Conventional, very good quality, fine.

Le Roi de la Capote


It is both sensitive and allows pleasures to pass while being resistant!

Le Roi de la Capote