Probe covers

For optimal hygiene of your ultrasound probes

Sagami, parent company of Protex, is at the forefront of medical technology in supplying the worldwide healthcare industry with probe protections. Protex probe covers, by virtue of their quality and robustness, ensure perfect hygienic and aseptic conditions for ultrasound machines.

Endocavity probe covers

Endocavity probe covers prevent microorganisms cross transmission during successive uses of the ultrasound probe in several patients. Their use protects the endocavity probe from too many contacts with certain disinfection products that could damage it.

  • Types:
    – lubricated (ref. ACL 7966102)
    – non lubricated (ref. ACL 7921536)
  • Non sterile, single use
  • Material : natural latex (silicone oil for lubricated model only)
  • Shape and color: without reservoir tip, natural color, smooth surface
  • Dimensions :
    – length: ≥ 200 mm
    – width: 53 +/- 2 mm
    – thickness: ≥ 65 microns
  • Conditioning: individual foil, box of 144 units

Superficial probe covers

Superficial probe covers allow ultrasound examinations to be performed in optimal hygienic conditions. Their use preserves the ultrasound probe by limiting contact with certain disinfection products that may damage it.

Protex superficial probe protections will be available soon.

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