Protex Original 0.02

Unique sensations, 2 times thinner, 3 times more resistant

Available in boxes of
6 or 12 condoms

The Protex Original 0.02 condom is latex-free, it is made of polyurethane, a material especially used in the medical field for its important compatibility with the human body.

Its ultimate finesse provides unique and natural sensations.

Préservatif Protex Original 0.02
  • Ultimate thinness : 0,02 mm
  • Increased resistance: 3 times more resistant than a latex condom
  • Better heat transmission
  • Softness and transparency for natural sensations
  • No latex odor
  • Without latex allergy since WITHOUT LATEX
  • Length 190 mm, Largeur 58 mm
  • Thickness 25 microns (± 5 microns)
Presented in an individual capsule for a subtle, refined look and better hygiene (you will no longer have any problems with orientation when putting on).

Customers’ opinion

The best according to me, plus latex free. Only downside: really not easy to put on.

Le Roi de la Capote


You don’t feel the condom. Warmth of the inner body during penetration at the top.



Frankly since I used 0.02 well I can’t live without it admittedly it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth the cost. I highly recommend this product.

Le Roi de la Capote